What if the insured wants a lower down payment?
The quoted premium has increased. Now what?
The quoted premium has decreased. Now what?
The insured wants their bills mailed to a different address. Can I change the address on the contract?
I received my quote two weeks ago and the insured just came in to bind coverage. Can I change the effective date?
The insured payments are due on the first, but he would prefer that they come due on the tenth. Is this possible?
My insured just added a unit, can the additional premium be added to the financing.
Will Mt Top accept faxed or scanned copies of the signed contract?
Who is responsible for collecting the down payment.
Who is the down payment made payable to?
Can I deduct my commission from the down payment.
Can my agency hold the down payment check until I receive my monthly statement from Interstate?
Where do I send the signed contract and down payment?
Can I send the signed contract to the MD office?
If the insured pays the down payment to Mt Top, how do I get my commission?
Once financing is accepted, will Mt Top pay Interstate or will they pay my agency?
If Mt Top is paying Interstate, then why is Interstate sending me an invoice?
What do I do if the insured wants to pay more down payment?

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