Don't spend your time trying to collect money. Mt Top Premium Finance is designed to make financing your policies written with Interstate Insurance Mgt., Inc as easy as possible.

Simply advise your Interstate underwriter that financing is desired. A contract will be provided along with your premium quote. If your premium quote has already been issued, no problem. A quick phone call, fax or e-mail to either Interstate or Mt Top will get you your quote.

If your insured decides to finance with Mt Top, simply collect the down payment, have the contract signed and return the entire package to either Interstate Insurance or Mt Top Premium Finance.


Mt Top will pay your Interstate Insurance invoice(s) for the financed policies.

Mt Top will bill your insured each month rather than sending a coupon booklet. We have found that the monthly reminder is a more expensive process, however, it greatly increases the retention of accounts as insureds do not forget that the payment is coming due.

If a payment is 5 days late, a notice of intent to cancel is issued. This notice goes to the insured as well as the agents office. The notice will advise that a late fee is now due and will advise the cancellation date. As an agent, you do not need to take any action, however, if you wish to contact your insured and remind them of the past due payment, you are welcome to do so.

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